About Ethos

Ethos Finance Limited was founded in 2007 by a group of respected financial traders with extensive experience in financial markets and information technology.

In 2009, seeing that there was a growing demand globally for the trading of derivatives on the Forex (currency contracts like futures and options on currency futures), the company decided to set-up a specialised and dedicated Division to cater for the consumers of this emerging market. Hence, Ethos was formed in the UK as a universal, full-service brokerage for retail investors worldwide.


To provide partners and our clients worldwide with accessible, secure and high-quality brokerage services using the latest technologies.


Ethos is committed to being responsive and flexible to corporate and individual clients. Always acting as a reliable partner, we help our clients grow their businesses and increase their profits through professional trading of derivatives.

Our clients are drawn to our reliable and affordable services, as well as our personal approach to each client's needs. Our capability and understanding of the market is based on our sensitivity to market dynamics and our ability to keep up with new instruments and technologies.

Today, Ethos offers its clients and partners a wide array of services for business management and effective investment. Our employees are top specialists in the currency and financial markets, which guarantees that our clients always have access to accurate, professional decision-makers. As for service, you will find that all of our clients get the same first-class priority service at Ethos.

Core Principles

Honesty: We treat our clients with complete integrity.
Availability: Our specialists are always available to consult with clients on any issue.
Transparency: We operate above the board and meet all legal requirements.
Reliability: Our reputation means a lot, so we always fulfill our obligations to our clients.