Fx Advanced Course

The Advanced Course gives you a more in depth understanding about the various trading tools, identifying market conditions and a handful of strategies to trade the market effectively. It is important that you have completed the Basic Course(link to Basic course) before moving to this course.

Contents of Fx Advanced Course;

Section 1 – Identifying Market Conditions

  1. The Accumulation of Price theory
  2. Trend, Reversal or Retracement? How to tell which is which?
  3. The Psychology of Market Levels and numbers
  4. The Various Types of Traders

Section 2 –Order Placement for more Efficient Trading

  1. What are pending orders?
  2. Placing Pending Orders in MT4
  3. Hedging Orders
  4. Managing Stop Losses
  5. Managing Take Profits
  6. Effective Stop Loss & Take Profit placement with ADR

Section 3 – Market Dynamics – Creature of Habit or Random Dissonance?

  1. The Philosophy of Price
  2. Supply or Resistance Zones
  3. Demand or Support Zones
  4. Price Channels
  5. How To Trade Price Channels effectively

Section 4 – Introduction to Chart Patterns

  1. Identifying Chart Patterns
  2. Various Chart Patterns
  3. Advanced Chart Patterns

Section 5 – Strategy Learning, Application and Trading

  1. Trend Trading Strategy used by fund managers

Section 6 – Work & Time Management

  1. Customizing your Workspace for more productive trading
  2. 10 Quicktips to fire up your trading speed

Section 7 – Introduction to the world of Automated Trading

  1. Introduction to Expert Advisors (EAs)
  2. Introduction to Strategy Backtesting
  3. The Process of Strategy Backtesting

Learning the Advanced Fx Course can give you a very good understanding of how to trade the market effectively. Most traders have told us that learning from this course has enabled them to trade better and with more confidence.

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*All course contents are available at no cost to FxEthos live account holders. For more information and actual course content, please refer to your trading client area.