Fx Beginner’s Course

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  1. Fx Beginner’s Course
  2. Fx Advanced Course
  3. Fx Mastery Course

Under the Beginner’s course, here is a summary of contents you can empower yourself with. The Basic course gets you through the know-hows of Fx Trading, using your MT4 platform and understanding basic order placement lessons;

Contents of Fx Basic Course;

Section 1 – Introduction to Forex

  1. Introduction to Fx Trading
  2. Components of the Fx Market
  3. Supply and Demand in the Fx Market
  4. Influence of Market Forces
  5. Market Forces that Traders must know about
  6. Market News Sources

Section 2 – Introduction to Currency Pairs

  1. Concept of Currency Pairs
  2. Absolute Vs Relative Strength in Currency Pairs
  3. Buying a Currency Pair – How does it work?
  4. Selling a Currency Pair – How does it work?
  5. How you can sell a currency pair without owning it?

Section 3 – The Math of Trading

  1. Price Definition
  2. Understanding Leverage and Margin Requirements
  3. Calculating Risk Exposure
  4. Margin Call Situation – Why it happens
  5. Synthetic Currency Pairs - Trade pairs that don’t exist!

Section 4 – Introduction to MT4 Platform

  1. Common Windows
  2. Standard Tools
  3. Chart Tools
  4. Line Studies Tools
  5. Periodicity Tools
  6. Order Placement in MT4
  7. Stop Loss & Take Profit Levels

Section 5 – Introduction to Indicators

  1. Indicators and what they tell you
  2. Introduction to the MACD Indicator
  3. Introduction to the RSI Indicator
  4. Using the MACD & RSI successfully

As you can tell, we have put together a comprehensive and an excellent coverage of topics to give you a headstart to trading Fx effectively. Find out more about our other courses here;

Fx Advanced Course

Fx Mastery Course

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