CFD Trading at FxEthos

In addition to Forex, FxEthos offers our clients the ability to trade spot metals, Indices and other CFDs all within our MetaTrader4 platform.

Once an institutional product, CFD trading is now heavily traded by the retail market and is a flexible, cost-efficient alternative to traditional shares trading. Trading a CFD allows investors to benefit from the capital gains of a particular stock without having to actually physically own or pay for it.

Similar to trading Forex, CFDs allow investors to hold both "long" and "short" positions granting the retail trader with the opportunity to profit in either a rising of falling stock market. Additionally, investors have the convenience of limiting losses or claiming gains by using stop losses and limit orders.

Because CFDs are traded on margin rather than paying the full value of a transaction, the investor only needs to pay a percentage when placing a trade. Trading with margin grants the investor with leverage, which in turn allows the investor to access a larger amount of shares than buying or selling actual stock shares.

By offering CFDs, we are allowing our investors to speculate on instruments and markets that may otherwise be unavailable of difficult for them to trade.