Forex Broker in malaysia
Why Us?

We know that there are plenty of brokerage firms out there, vying to have your account opened with them.

Here are reasons why you don’t want to risk your money anywhere else;

  1. Superior Technology. Period.

    Our order clearance engine is far superior and has set standards that will revolutionize the FX industry. We are setting the standards for the fastest execution time and least number of requotes for a STP broker.

    Find out more on our technology page on why your order has the best chance of clearing on our peerless technology standards.

    Find out more on our technology page.

  2. Fund Managers, First.

    We know the games brokers play. Being fund managers, we have created this framework of impeccable standards with complete transparency. From technology, corporate governance to customer service standards, we want the best and we say it as it is.

    Is your broker playing games with you? Find out here. Your broker prays that you don’t.

  3. Multi Platform Trading

    We understand your need to access the markets on multiple platforms and when on the go.

    It is your choice of platform when trading with us;

    • MT4 MetaTrader Platform-Windows based
    • IPhone Trader
    • IPad Trader
    • Android Trading Platform
Broker Ethics
  1. No Dealing Desk

    Many brokers claim that they don’t have a dealing desk but outsource their dealing desks to their partner firms.  They call them their “liquidity provider” and then split “profits” from client losses.

    FxEthos is a 100% STP broker with no such practices. How do you know if this is true? Find out more on our technology page of why we cannot do or practise such unethical behaviour.

  2. Straight Through Processing

    All orders we broker for you is directly cleared with our liquidity providers. We receive commissions for each trade we clear, using their lines. Because we clear billions of lots each month, we make risk free profits just clearing our orders. We don’t have to take unnecessary risks betting against clients’ trades.

    If you are a high volume trader, we can give you preferred pricing. Further, if you are a scalper or a high frequency trader(most other brokerage houses hate you), we would love to clear your orders!

    Find out how our liquidity providers can work closely to prioritize your order clearance  through high speed parallel processing engines.

  3. Single, Superior Feed/Spread

    Many brokers offer different types of accounts (Classic/Gold etc.) or different types of spreads (fixed, variable etc.) This is usually given under the disguise that you choose the best type of your account for your trading capital/style.

    This is usually a lie and/or a cover-up to disguise their real intent. Some of these account types are routed to dealing desks, to low quality liquidity providers(who might be dealing desks also) and usually have their trading quality compromised. For example, an account with fixed spread type will always usually have a high requote rate. Why? This is usually due to dealing desk practices.

    FxEthos has only one account/spread type. We treat all accounts and all orders the same. A micro lot order will be cleared the same way as a yard lot order would.

    For our business and yours, we won’t have it any other way!

Corporate Governance
  1. Licensed in a reputable jurisdiction

    Our banking services are with prime banks which are either Tier 1 banks globally or of the top 3 banks within that country itself.

  2. Fund Segregation

    Company funds and client funds are kept in two separate bank accounts and managed under different fiduciary controlling officers. This way, we ensure no one has the right to use clients’ funds for any other reason than funding of clients’ trades.

  3. Client Deposits in Trust Facility

    Our client deposits are held in a bank account held in a top prime bank in New Zealand. This bank account is also a trust facility, administered by a certified law firm. This ensures that we cannot solely transact on this bank account having your account funds. Every single transaction has to be dual approved by both the company and the trustee. You can assume that with each transaction that involves more work as such, our admin costs and transaction costs for the trustee’s services too are increased. However, this is both a necessary and assuring measure to ensure safety of your funds.

    So naturally, all our clients enjoy the safety of a trust facility, without paying anything extra. Trust facilities are usually only available for clients of high net worth and at an expensive cost to maintain.

    Not any more, let us worry about those costs and give you a peace of mind. Regardless of account size, background or performance, your funds are kept safe in a trust facility, at no extra cost.

    By the way, we don’t just say we have a trust facility for marketing purposes. When you wire your funds over, you will see the facility’s details setup as such!

  4. Fully Audited Settlements

    Each financial year, our financial statements and health is audited by top auditing firms to give you the confidence and assurance that you are in good hands. Auditing is an expensive and arduous process. We do it anyway to ensure your safety of funds and assure you that there is another firm ensuring it too.

  5. ICAP Transparency

    Each financial year, as the company holds its Annual General Meeting(AGM), we will randomly select and invite some of our clients/traders to inspect our books with us. Youcould be randomly selected.

    This is called the Independent Client Audit Program or ICAP for short.

    No brokerage firm has this practise ofexposingits financial books to a thirdparty. In our opinion, you chose to park your funds with us and you deserve the utmost transparency.

Trading Conditions, Environment
  1. Trade Performance Transparency

    Every brokerage house tells you that their technology and performance is superior to any other firm. Then again, how do you know?

    We feel that ourresults speak for themselves.

    Eachmonth, we publish all our trade performance statistics on our website. Theseare audited statements, so what you see is quite simply what you get.

  2. Any order Size

    Trade any order size under your MT4 Account, from micro to standard lot orders.

Customer Service
  1. We strive to provide world class customer service to all our clients, regardless of account size, volume, or profitability.

    We intend to offer this by:

    1. 30 minutee-mail response time
    2. 6 hours e-mail resolution time
    3. 24 hours over 5 days live chat service

    We aim to offer multi-lingual support as our client base grows. If you need support in a certain language for your client base,please let us know.

  2. Funding, Withdrawal Methods, Fast and Easy!

    A wide range of options are available to fund your trading account. We offerdebit card withdrawal options so you can shop with your trading profits loaded to your card.

    Most funding/withdrawal requests are processed within 1 working day.

Company Philosophy
  1. We promote personal voluntary donations through our trading network. Voluntary donations are used for:

    • Micro loan facilities through entrepreneurial schemes and financing programs
    • Charity, relief fund, and other social welfare activities

    We hope you will join us as we donate to the less fortunate.