Funding / Withdrawal Methods

Currently FxEthos offers funding and withdrawal of your trading account capital via Credit Card only.

We are also constantly expanding with innovative methods and will be adding more options here very shortly.

1. Transfer Through Credit Card.

We only support US Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR) based credit deposits at this moment.

The maximum debit/credit card deposit within any 1 day period by the same credit card is $20,000 USD and by any single transaction is $5,000 USD per transaction. Any amounts deposited by debit/credit card that are withdrawn within 90 days of the deposit date, will only be paid by refunding the debit/credit card. After 90 days, any withdrawals will only be paid by check or wire.

Important Note: Your card issuer may charge a transaction fee at their discretion. However, FxEthos does not charge a fee for debit/credit card deposits. Please refer to your card issuer for additional information regarding transaction fees.