ICAP Standard

We understand that auditing by an independent audit firm is necessary. However, we also understand that it isn’t fool-proof. After all, one won’t hurt the very hand that feeds them. If not, the world will have never witnessed any corporate scandals by a listed firm.

Therefore, rather than just sweeping things under the carpet by misleading you and ourselves with an impressive audit statement from a reputable audit firm, we decided to take a totally new avant garde approach in making our entire audit process highly transparent and hugely credible.

Independent Customer Audit Program (ICAP)

An industry first and an absolute game changer, we will invite 3 clients each year, which could be you, to inspect our books. This will be under a corporate tour program with each participant’s trip and expenses fully paid for. We will then present the books to them in accordance of trade flows and have them scrutinize the figures and reconcile them with our bank account figures.

Industry pundits claim that we are foolish and naïve to expose our books to you, our customer. Then again, can one get any more transparent? You decide.