Introducing Broker

FxEthos is the preferred choice for many fund managers worldwide. More and more traders, retail and institutional, are joining us as we can offer superior technology and order clearance that no one else comes close to.

Being a young and dynamic company, we have plenty of room to grow and are looking for strong marketing partners with good local outreach. If you fit the profile, join us as an introducing broker.

Why join us as an Introducing broker?
  1. Superior technology

    With our innovative technology, we are the envy of the industry. Potential trader and fund manager prospects are easily converted when our trading environment is put to the test.

    Find out more about the edge Ethos can provide.

  2. Safety of Funds

    Again, with innovative fund administration and auditing standards, we set the bar for others to follow. Your clients’ funds are treated with utmost safety and you can be assured that this isn’t just another broker.

  3. Licensed in a reputable jurisdiction

    We are licensed and administered under a reputable jurisdiction. Under a developed nation’s governance, you can be assured that we operate in a highly regulated and supervised framework. We are not based out of Cyprus, Seychelles, or Mauritius.

    We take pride in where we are from, serving you with confidence.

  4. Lucrative business opportunity

    FxEthos pays one of the highest rebates for each trade in the industry. We are able to offer this without manipulating any trading conditions.

    For every client that trades with us under your network, we pay you an attractive amount of commissions. This is for every single trade, as long as they trade with us. All trading commissions are paid out real-time, with a 24 hour reconciliation period.

  5. Run your own business network

    With our highly customizable and robust commission distribution program, you can employ your own IBs within your own network. You can setup unlimited levels of affiliates under your network and pay them whatever you wish. We will pay all commissions for you, automatically, based on the rules you give us.

    Imagine running your own sales force with no operational overheads or messy accounting!

  6. Dedicated Account Manager

    Once you have your IB application approved, you will have access to an account manager who will work with you on your various marketing needs. This will ensure a higher conversion, tailor made packages, and marketing approaches for your target market. This will also ensure you always have a direct access to the company for any immediate or unique customer needs that may arise.

  7. High conversion rate

    All our IBs will be given the necessary tools to enjoy a high conversion rate. This may include:

    • Offline marketing materials

      • Flyers, Brochures and Namecards
      • Product Stands, Event booths
      • Media Advertisements
      • Awareness Campaigns
    • Online Marketing materials

      • Online webinars
      • Banners/Widgets (tracked by your own IB account)
      • IB backend area for tracking of your client accounts
      • Multi-lingual support for your diverse range of clients
  8. No difference to any other trading account

    Some clients or IBs are worried that if they have a trading account opened under an IB, they pay higher spreads marked up by the broker to pay as commissions for the IB.

    FxEthos guarantees that trading conditions for accounts opened under an IB are no different from thoseopened directly under the company. The company pays IB commissions purely from the marketing budget from its trading volume derived from the IB’s network.

  9. Solicit Fund/Money Managers/ Algo Traders

    (link to money manager page )

    You or your network may also be looking for fund/money management needs. You are always welcome to manage your funds using our money management tools. As an IB, you can also be a money manager and earn commissions on the trades you issue with the funds under your management.

    Our institutional clearance facility is an added advantage for clearance of such orders. This will increase your conversion of traders, increase their trading performance and bottom line, and also provide you with an incentive to serve them!

    Alternatively, you can speak to your account manager if you are looking for money managers and we will profile existing money managers to you with an already proven track record.

  10. Sponsored marketing events / campaigns

    If you have a target market with sincere business goals, talk to your account manager to establish joint marketing efforts. This will help keep your costs down and allow complete flexibility and maximum outreach of your marketing efforts.