FxEthos offers a diverse range of leverage options for your to commensurate your risk exposure accordingly.

All accounts are applied to a 1:100 default leverage setting. We offer maximum leverage of 1:500 for accounts upon request.

Here is a list of various leverage settings available;

Leverage Actual Margin Used Description
1:1 100% No Leverage (Shariah Compliant Accounts)
1:30 3.33%  
1:50 2%  
1:100 1% Default Leverage for new accounts
1:200 0.5% Most popular leverage setting
1:300 0.33% Subject to approval
1:400 0.25% Subject to approval
1:500 0.2% Subject to approval

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Leverage;

  1. I don’t know which setting I should choose?

    By default, FxEthos allows 1:100 leverage setting for all new accounts. We recommend that you use this leverage setting if you are unsure of what leverage your trading system needs.

  2. With the higher the leverage, the lower the cost. So why don’t I just go for the highest leverage?

    This is true, but it needs effective risk management. Just because it is more affordable, If you trade much larger positions than your account balance can actually handle, you stand the risk of suffering a margin call. So, please understand the risks of over-leveraging very carefully.

  3. Can I start with a leverage first and then change it later?

    Absolutely. Once you are ready for a change of your account’s leverage setting, please ensure you have no trading positions open. Then send us a support request and we will change your account leverage setting within the same business day.