FxEthos aggregates liquidity through its various partners and liquidity providers, “centralizing” them into one pool. These include banks, funds, portals and Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs).This way, the orders can be matched in parallel and don’t suffer from “last look” obsolete values, which then result in requotes as the order cannot be cleared at the same price offered before, especially during volatile, fast moving market conditions.

FxEthos has numerous liquidity providers and orderbooks that it aggregates orders from. To make distribution of orders and “order matching” far more efficient, the various pools of liquidity are categorized on a combination of conditions and complex algorithms based on market conditions, trading parameters and variables.

For example, the pools may be categorized by;

At times, it could be a combination of conditional rulesets to ensure the most efficient and cost effective way of clearing your order.

During liquid market conditions, we have ready access of approximately 15 levels of such pools of market depth for clearing your orders.

Try us once to clear your orders and you will experience the difference. It is just different! FxEthos Liquidity Edge.

The FxEthos liquidity pool allows you to;