Our company logo is branded around the Lotus flower.

The Lotus flower reflects both fortune and wealth under ancient scriptures, referenced by both Buddhism and Hindhuism.

In Buddhism in particular, the lotus is seen as a beautiful flower that grows from a pool of mud and murkiness. It rises above a habitat in contrast to its appearance and receives enlightenment by blossoming above the surface.

As a transparent, ethical brokerage house in the world of unregulated brokers and financial scams, FxEthos was born just so for the very reason that it can offer safe, reliable and quality clearance services for the retail trader.

The Colours

The colours have been chosen with a message intended. The centremost inner petal is where the life buds grow or where the first petals of the lotus flower-forms. Just like most traders who start off, they tend to lose money with lack of knowledge, proper psychological awareness and unfortunately, unethical brokers and financial schemes. As such, they start off losing money, and in red.

However, the strong and the persevering fight on, and the next layer of awareness, knowledge and experience is formed. This is represented by the orange/black petals on the 2nd layer where most traders breakeven or just about have slight amounts of profit.

Lastly, just like the lotus that blossoms into a full beautiful flower with extending petals, traders finally go on to achieve a life-long skill in trading, making consistent profits and achieving life-time of abundance and wealth. This is symbolized by the outermost largest petals, in green, which is what we want to achieve; the largest group of profitable forex traders under our brokerage house.

At FxEthos, you know we are different.

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