Fx Mastery Course

The Mastery Course is the final and most advanced course of the entire program. It is challenging, complex and gives you innovative new perspectives to look at the market, some which you would have never thought that it could be possible!

We take pride in our service and we ensure you the covering the Mastery Course may not make you a master in Fx trading, but it surely will put you in leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack.

Here is what the Fx Mastery Course brings to you;

Contents of Fx Mastery Course;

Section 1 – The Trading Career – Gambling or Business?

  1. The Game of Trading(Gambling?)
  2. Finding your Inner Self
  3. Chances to Ruin – Will you wreck your account before you even start?

Section 2 –The Traders’ Trap

  1. Mental Traps of Traders

Section 3 – The Psychology of Effective Trading

  1. Know your trading strengths / weaknesses – Test 1
  2. Know your trading strengths / weaknesses – Test 2
  3. Know your trading strengths / weaknesses – Test 3
  4. Know your trading strengths / weaknesses – Test 4
  5. Know your trading strengths / weaknesses – Test 5

Section 4 – Your Trading DNA

  1. What Kind Of Trader are you?
  2. What kind of challenges will you face in trading?
  3. Conditioning steps to overcome your weakness
  4. Applying simulation sample results for your trading

Section 5 – Advanced Application of Indicators

  1. Analysis of the MACD indicator
  2. Analysis using the Stochastic Oscillator
  3. Divergence between Price and Indicators
  4. Using multiple indicators, which and why?
  5. Creating your effective indicator pack

Section 6 – The Rules of an Actuary – Effective Money Management

  1. Misconceptions of Money Management
  2. The accurate use and application of Risk:Reward ratio
  3. Dynamic Risk Exposure Management (DREM)

Section 7 – Using currency trading with macro fundamentals

    Currencies and their “asset” classes

    Currency Correlation

    The Correlational Index

    Using Currency Correlation for more leveraged trading

Section 8 – Trading Strategy Insight

  1. Strategy

Section 9 – The Environmental / Mental Trading Plan process

  1. Your pre-trading preparation process
  2. Mental mind-check process
  3. The Trader’s Pledge

Section 10 – Advanced use of Expert Advisors (EAs)

  1. The Strategy Tester report
  2. Analysis of the Strategy Tester report
  3. The optimization process

Section 11 – The A-Z of a Day Trader’s Trading plan

  1. The SLICE Model. Get the nuts and bolts of an effective trading plan from setup to exiting of your trade. A true concise trading walkthrough!

The Fx Mastery Course focuses heavily on the psychological aspect of traders, which is mostly compromised or even forgotten. Covering this module gives you effective thinking processes, detailed understand of the how to from start to finish and of course, more intuitive trading strategies that will blow you away.

Even experienced traders tell us that they have benefitted more from this course than training workshops that they have paid thousands of dollars for.

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Master your Fx Trading and take your trading to a whole new level with us rightaway!

*All course contents are available at no cost to FxEthos live account holders. For more information and actual course content, please refer to your trading client area.