Money Manager

FxEthos is the preferred choice for many fund managers worldwide.

Join our increasing pool of satisfied fund/money managers, hedge funds and liquidity providers who prefer to clear their orders through us.

We offer all money managers with a comprehensive account management tool that allows you to manage your assets under management using FxEthos multi-account manager.

The FxEthos multi-account manager allows you to

Why join us as a money manager?
  1. Superior technology

    With our innovative technology, we are the envy of the industry. Potential trader and fund manager prospects are easily converted when our trading environment is put to the test.

    Find out more about the edge that Ethos can offer.

  2. All sub accounts that are managed under you can be inducted into your fund management master account with a simple click of your mouse.

    Flexible, reliable and highly scalable. The FxEthos Multi Account manager tool eases your operational overloads almost instantaneously.

  3. Safety of Funds

    Again, with innovative fund administration and auditing standards, we set the bar for others to follow. Your clients funds are treated with utmost safety and you can assure them with confidence that this isn’t just another broker.

  4. Licensed in a reputable jurisdiction

    We are licensed and administered under the jurisdiction. Under a developed nation’s governance, you can be assured that we operate in a highly regulated and supervised framework. We are not based out of Cyprus, Seychelles or Mauritius.

    We take pride in where we are from, serving you with confidence.

  5. Lucrative business opportunity

    As a money manager, you can also be paid commissions for all the trades that you issue in your fund. These can be paid to you as rebates, commissions or both. The income opportunity such a combination is very lucrative. Ask us how!

  6. Solicit Clients

    We are always looking for reputable fund/money managers with proven track record. If you are such an individual, we would like to work with you. Once you have traded with us for about 3-6 months, we will have proof of your trading records and be able to refer your services to our clients who are looking for fund management services. This way, you grow with us as well!

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