White Label Partner

Do you want to have your clients trade with us but afraid to lose your leads to us or dilute your brand value? Do you want to launch your own trading platform under your company name but lack the know-how or the funds?

The FxEthos White Label program is the ideal solution for all your concerns.

FxEthos's white label program is designed to benefit Introducing Brokers, institutions, hedge funds and money managers, whose clients will trade directly with FxEthos by providing a customized client interface. This interface allows you to maintain and promote your company brand, but without incurring the expense of developing your own dealing application.

The client interface will provide full charting capabilities. It allows complete user behaviour flexibility as if you are trading on an account with us directly. You also enjoy position monitoring functionality.

Launch a trading platform under your brand name, with customized currency pairs, spreads, swap rates and margin requirements in less than only 30 days!

Why subscribe to our White Label program?

  1. Superior technology

    With our innovative technology, we are the envy of the industry. Potential trader and fund manager prospects are easily converted when our trading environment is put to the test.

    Find out more about the edge that Ethos can offer.

  2. Quick turnaround time

    All our white label setups are modular and can be quickly adjusted to lite version setups or complex, highly customized setups. We can typically get you up and running within 2 weeks, but customization, setup and testing takes more time and a 30 day timeline is more than enough for a comfortable launch timeframe.

  3. Marketing First, and only.

    We can setup highly customizable version of the white label program. We can cover your operations to offer trading, compliance, customer service, funding and conversion of potential partner leads.

    You just focus on your marketing efforts and bring clients through the door. Together, we can achieve more!

  4. Customizable Setups

    We can offer partial white label setups where we only launch a trading application under your brand. Or we can offer a complete setup where we can also work with our partners to offer company incorporation, web frontend and backend solutions, fully robust and scalable support and CRM solutions.

  5. Licensed in New Zealand

    Tap onto our strong infrastructure, corporate governance and professional client handling processes. You will be assured that each and every client solicited under your company is our client.

  6. Lucrative business opportunity

    Being a Fx broker is a highly lucrative business, if run right! Tap into a unique market segment and as long as you have a steady stream of clients, you can fall back onto our experience and support to ensure that your business is run the right way, managing risk effectively, while keeping your earning potential unlimited!

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